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In his travels as a young teenager and later as a touring musician, Paul Duke was greatly influenced by the rhythms of the South Pacific and Caribbean Islands.  These combined influences along with his classical training on cello would play a major role in discovering his voice as a musician and songwriter.  After years of chasing what he believed would be fulfillment in pursuing his dreams of success both musically and spiritually, he found himself empty.   His quest to fill this inner void would lead him to a place of spiritual darkness, without answers and hopeless.  His story is not unlike many others who have gone down a similar path choosing to worship the creation rather than the Creator.  But The LORD is the God of miracles and much like Saul the persecutor on the road to Damascus,  Duke would have his own moment of revelation where by the Grace of God and the power of His Spirit, he would be rescued from the terror of a demonic attack by calling on “the Light of the Christ”.   This moment of rescue would transform his motivation in life and reason for living.  By the Grace of God and accepting the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary, another path was offered.   

This album is a reflection of that transformation.

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